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The world as we know it is changing, and this change is being reflected in the way that we perceive luxury travel experiences.  The notion of sustainable luxury is no longer an anomaly, and in fact is now an irrevocable part of the future of the luxury travel business model.

Lumiere Associates is quoted in this excellent article on the subject written by Emily Manson for the Hotel & Caterer magazine, in May 2012 – ‘Responsible Hospitality – how to offer luxury without the guilt’

Caterer article 

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A new paradigm in international tourism has been established through the growing trend of holistic hotel and resort design, according to leading industry architects, interior designers, and sustainable tourism consultants.

This view promotes a holistic development system integrating body, mind and spirit to create balanced, self-renewing and sustainable tourism developments.

“International tourism can make significant positive changes to the world, particularly in the third world, where many countries are turning to tourism to build economic growth,” says a leading sustainable architect.

“By taking a leadership role in holistic sustainable development, we are helping protect the world’s delicate ecology, as well as the interests of all stakeholders including indigenous people and local communities,” he continues.

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The past decade has seen exponential growth in luxury hotel spas and spa resorts, due mainly to significant customer demand, and  the fact that margins on spa operations are among the largest in the hotel industry.

So what explains this dramatic rise in customer demand?  Although many reasons are often cited, many link the growth primarily to aging baby boomers, and the global growth in high net worth individuals,  whose stress levels and need for self-actualisation have increased along with their net worth.

In addition, other factors such as the  loss of job security have created a worried and time-poor population, in greater need of relaxation and its related health benefits.   People are less formal and ‘younger’ in mind and spirit than they were 10 years ago, with many focusing on personal appearance to remain youthful.

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According to some of the world’s leading climate change experts,  the earth and its environment are going through some momentous changes, and there is no doubt that travel and tourism organisations can play a critical role in helping arrest environmental degradation.

As more regions and countries develop their tourism industries, to reflect the growing rate of tourism, major changes are being made to natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems.

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30. May 2011 · Comments Off on World Travel Market ‘Shades of Green’ · Categories: Green Travel

Thanks for joining us!  Please feel free to peruse our list of articles, or read this special report prepared for World Travel Market called ‘Shades of Green’, an analysis of green policies in the hotel industry.

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